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Baby Care Clinic



The umbilical cord usually falls off between 5-10 days. Till the cord falls. the cord should be cleaned once a day with spirit, alcohol or Eu de Cologne. Neosporin/ Nebasulf / Sofrainycin Powder need to be sprinkled over the cord - - if the cord is infected. Infection is likely when there is pus! fluid discharge or redness around the cord. Dr. Sanjeev Bagai's Baby Care Clinic is one of the best baby care centre in Delhi India.


A bit of mucus collection is normal and only needs to be wiped with boiled water and cotton wool. A persistently sticky eye with redness indicates conjunctivitis. This may be treated with eye drops e.g.
Soframycin / Gentamycin / Tobramycin eye drops) I drop to be instilled, 4 times a day till recovery.
Persistent eye discharge particularly if it is from one eye is often due to a blocked tear duct. This is treated by massaging the site where the tear duct is located i.e. between the eye and the root of the nose. This helps to open up tjhe tear duct. If the eye discharge persists despite putting eye drops. please consult your doctor.
Kajal /surma application is best avoided because of risk of injury or infl.:ction10the eye


If the mouth is thickly coated, glycerin may be used to clean the mouth. A persistent white curdy coating often indicates a fungal infection (thrush) and requires treatment with anti-fungal lotion(e.g. Candid Mouth Paint)


A nose block or a stuffy nose is common and normal in a young infant. You do not need to clean the nose routinely.
If the nose is stuffy and it bothers the baby this may be relieved by instillation of normal saline nose drops, made by adding a quarter teaspoon of salt in a cup of drinking (boiled& cooled) water.
Saline drops are commercially available as 'Nasomist' or 'Nasoclcnr' nose drops.


Routine cleaning of the ears is not required. Use of an Ear Bud is not recommended and can be harmful. If a lot of wax accumulates in the ears, you could put Soliwax / Waxolve Ear Orops._l drops twice daily for 2-3 days.


Use of cotton diapers is advisable. Cotton diapers need to be washed with a siq.plc detergent or soap.
Pampers are convenient but expensive and in general their use is best restAct&1for an outing or an occasional night.
Babies are at higher risk of developing nappy rashes with pampers because they tend to trap the heat and humidity in the nappy area. Nappy rash creams (e.g. siloderm or rash free or zinc-castor oil or Vaseline) are
occasionally neccss.aryto prevent I treat simple nappy rashes. If the msh is severe and spreads to the thighs, it may indicate a fungal infection and will require treatment with an antifungal cream like Clotrimazole / Micanozole

Keep the nappy area clean and dry to avoid rashes.