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Patient Feedback

I consider myself fortunate to get a chance to let people know about the credential of such a person whom my entire family consider the saviour of children who suffer from typical disease.Dr. Bagai is a pride of India, though in our country people are generally recognised when they come through politicians.Dr. Bagai and his dedication could inspire our next generation to persue medical carrear for riching global.

I remain with our gratitude to Revered Dr. Bagai for the incredible service towards saving children .

We pray for his long and healthy life and would like to thank his family for their enormous support to carry on his daily hectic schedule.

Sudip D Roy
I realized one thing, the best treatment at the best affordable prices is possible only in India. The service was superb. I am so excited and happy to share this experience with my own people back at home.

Mr. Flayyil
Excellent clinical diagnosis. Thank you so much for all your guidance, support and encouragement. Without your support and motivation, we would have not recovered from the shock and trauma

Mohit kapoor
We just wanted to thank your office for being such a great place to take our children when they are sick or need medical attention. We truly value your patience & understanding when we seem like the crazy-neurotic parents who keep questioning everything!

Thanks again!
Jenni & Robert
You are such a key person in our life!!! Such a blessing and we just wanted you to know how grateful we are for your “always” being there when we need you!! Your service to us is priceless.

With deepest appreciation!
Lisa, Greg & Nichele
“We LOVE you! We are thrilled to have you as our son’s doctors!”

Betty, Wilton
“Very pleased with this practice. Feel that my children are known and cared for lovingly and seriously by all.”

- Maura, Ridgefield
“We are so grateful to be in this practice! We still feel that way after 17 years.”

Bonnie, Weston