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Marathon Surgery Separated The Conjoined Twins

The surgery which was successfully completed at Batra Hospital brought cheer to the whole nation. It is regarded as landmark achievement in the field of medical science. Sita and Gita are the conjoined twins who were separated by the successful surgery. The successful surgery has also brought cheer and hope to many other parents too.

Sita and Gita are now sleeping on separate bed of intensive care unit. The two sisters now have separate genitalia, genitourinary system and intestine. Their hips and lower spines have been reconstructed successfully. According to the latest development they have successfully passed their urine and stool this morning. The good part was that, no flow of the blood was recorded; this is the sign of one of the speedy post-operative recovery.  Doctors put the kids on oral feed and both the kids are playful and very active as asserted by Dr. Sanjeev Bagai CEO of Batra Hospital.

The most crucial factor the surgeons have to face now is the pain management. This is because the kids have gone through multiple, complicated surgeries. It is very necessary to ensure that children have complete control over their bowels and bladders. The dressing of skin flaps is done frequently so that kids, don’t get infected.

Sixteen hours surgery was carried out on Sita and Gita by twenty five member teams, which were divided into eight groups. In the coming seven days the kids will remain in intensive care unit as a precautionary measure so that, no infection occur on surgical areas. There are only few cases of conjoined twins which have successfully operated in India. It is regarded as an one of the great landmark achievement in the arena of medical science.

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