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Vandana Bagai Foundation

Activities planned for in 2009-10 in Vandana Bagai Foundation
The foundation has plans to adopt ten more children from an orphanage in South Delhi. It will look after their educational, boarding and clothing expenses. A large number of HIV infective young children are adopted under the Vandana – Udayan programme. We have also facilitated imparting knowledge in the field of paediatric nephrology, by sponsoring higher education and specialised training to young post graduate students in paediatric nephrology. This training is conducted in one of the major referral centres in Delhi, supervised by specialists in this field. This would enable the students to practise this specialised field of paediatrics in their local home town. Young children with kidney disorders would receive appropriate treatment, achieving early diagnosis and less long term sequels in later life, without having to travel long distances for specialised treatment. This would disseminate the knowledge of paediatric nephrology to centres out side major cities.

A specialised centre for paediatric nephrology would attain
  • Improved primary, secondary, and tertiary and preventive management.
  • Decreased burden of complications and premature deaths.
  • Forming cost effective solutions for renal disorders through clinical and operational research.
  • Improved dissemination of knowledge on current issues and latest trends of management.
Present Status
Chairman and Managing Director Nephron Clinics and Healthcare

CEO Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre
Rockland Hospital
I was Heading the Department of Paediatrics and Nephrology,(HOD) ,& was the Director & Medical Advisor-Rockland Hospital.
On the treatment Faculty as Physician to:-
Preseidents of United States of America- Mr. Bill Clinton, Mr. Georage Bush, Us Secretaries of states, President of Paragua,
President of Srilanka, Sir Henryu Kessinger, Nobel Lauriat Sir V.S. Naipaul, Russian Presedent Mr. V. Putin amongest ohters.

Charitable And Social Work
  • Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre – I contribute 20 hours a month for treating poor children in the hospital. Free medical consultations, medical aid, medicines, hospitalisation and surgery is provided to this deserving section of society. Out patient and admitted patients are treated free. Medical seminars and Health camps are organised in the slums of South Delhi for reaching out to the poorest sections of our society. Mobile Medical Vans are used for Diagnosing and treating poor children.
  • Delhi Street Home - This is an organisation, which looks after orphans, destitute children and the homeless, based in old Delhi. Free medical consultations, medicines and treatment is provided. The poor children are treated free in my clinic and the hospitals.
  • Udayan – Ten under privileged children have been adopted. Sexual assault and rape victims are cared for, with free medical treatment, clothes, food, clothing, education and psychological support. Investigations for children are arranged at discounted rates. Donation are given to poor children for their clothing, books and food.
  • Butterflies – Home for street children – Fifteen children are adopted to provide free education, vocational training and shelter to them. These under privileged and abused /neglected children are given care for a new beginning.
  • Arya Samaj Vasant Vihar – Our family is deeply associated with the Arya Samaj Association over the past few generation. My family and myself actively participate and contribute in various social activities. Health talks and medical forums are organised at the Samaj. Free medical clinic is run for the poor children.
  • Nephron Clinic – Free medical consultations, services with free medicines are given poor children. Lectures and awareness programmes are organised to impart knowledge in paediatric medicine and paediatric nephrology, with specific emphasis on preventive health care.
  • Charitable Work in Australia - During my fellowship in Sydney, I did free clinics for the Aboriginal Community on a monthly basis.
  • Paediatric Renal Diseases Awareness Programmes - Are organised regularly and I deliver health talks and lectures in various schools, colleges and organisations. Regular contributions for media awareness through news paper articles and press releases.
  • Pulse Polio Program – Being a member of Indian Association of Paediatrics, I have actively participated in clinical and research programmes initiated by the Delhi Government for Polio eradication.
  • Drug Abuse and AIDS awareness campaigns – were conducted by me in St. Xaviers College Bombay
  • Health Awareness Campaigns – were conducted by me in Bombay Slums. For outstanding and dedicated work I was awarded the best Intern Award for social and preventive work.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital - Free camps and comprehensive cancer detection tests are organised for poor patients, for those who can not afford long term chronic care.
  • Rotary free Camps for children - Free camps and comprehensive paediatric cover, with tests and vaccinations are given free. Specific emphasis and counselling is focussed on preventive health care and disease prevention.
  • Vasant Vihar Gurudwara – regular donations are made for their charitable dispensary for poor patients.
  • Free School Educational in DPS, Vasant Vihar – Donations are made for those poor children who can not afford education of highest quality. This provides equal opportunity to the weaker sections of our society, to bring out the best from each child.